Women empowering women through education and expertise on trending topics that affect their lives and enrich their body, mind and soul.

Beauty, Brains and Brawn was created by Heidi Prom as a platform for an ongoing series of events that focus on enlightening, empowering and educating women, for women, by women in the community. It was an idea that it could be fun to come together and to learn from each other's wisdom, strengths, failures and achievements on “all things woman”, in an educational format with a splash of fun on the side.

“Sometimes we just take life too seriously, but there are still so many things we can help each other out with in life. It feels good to share!” - Heidi Prom

Thank you to all who made our event on March 3rd a success!

A Recipe for Wellness - creating your best self!


A huge thank you to our speakers at our October event!

BEAUTY | Bonnie Gordon on HOPE

BRAINS | Damaris Boutros, MS RN on ADVOCACY

BRAWN | Julie Jacobson on RESEARCH

A special thanks to LifeWorking Coworking in Lake Forest for hosting our event!

Bonnie Gorden, Damaris Damaris Boutros, MS RN, Julie Jacobson, Dr. Janine Gaultier Mullady Ph.D and Heidi Prom. Photos by C. Saville Photography

For information on future or past events, contact Heidi Prom at Heidi@B3beautybrainsandbrawn.com or call 224-548-0722.